KILL OR BE KILT by Victoria Roberts Guest Post “Why I Love Writing This Time Period” + Giveaway

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Why I Love Writing This Time Period

By Victoria Roberts

Thank you so much for having me here today.

Before I started to write, I did a lot of soul-searching. Scotland is where my heart lies, and I came to the conclusion that it was in my best interest to stay the course and follow my passion. I suppose there’s just far too much history across the pond for me to ignore. Although it took me seconds to decide my genre, figuring out what timeframe I wanted to write was another matter entirely.

I narrowed down my time period by deciding what I didn’t want to write. I knew anything beyond the 1800s didn’t appeal to me. I can find buildings here in the USA from the 1800s. Even though that’s fascinating, I prefer—well, old. When my sister and I traveled to Belgium, I toured a castle that was built in the 1100s. Now that’s my kind of old. Can you imagine how many folks walked through those gates?

Here’s where I had the problem.

I’d read so many adventures about the ton and adored medieval romance, but as an author, I wanted to offer something different to readers. I didn’t want to write i.e. Medieval, Regency, Victorian, and follow what everyone else was doing. I was also determined to avoid the latter 17th century in order not to tread on the greatness of Diana Gabaldon. So the question I asked was: Why would I put myself in a box with so many authors writing in the same timeframe? I believe one of the worst things for a writer is when they’re compared to another author because then we create certain expectations. Authors are not the same. We all have different ideas, voices, and executions. I encourage you to explore.

Since medieval timeframes relate to the Middle Ages from about A.D. 500 to around 1500, I decided to conduct historical research for the 1600s. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a lot of historical events happened under King James VI/I’s reign. That’s when the lightbulb went off and I found my writing timeframe.

The king was a major advocate of a single parliament for England and Scotland. This was a great source of tension for writing Scottish historical books. The king also led witch hunts in Norway. Again, the ideas started to brew and hammered away in my head. And the best part was that King James believed the Highlanders were nothing but a bunch of barbarians. I couldn’t ask for better material for Scottish tales. Needless to say, King James’ exploits have provided me with many ideas. For instance, the Gunpowder Plot was used as a basis for my second novel X Marks the Scot.

Once I started writing, I didn’t look back. And as long as I keep getting fresh ideas in this timeframe and genre, I’ll be plugging away. I still can’t believe I’m working on my 9th novel (and loving every minute of it!)

I enjoy taking readers on a historical adventure through the rolling hills of the Scottish countryside where they’re sure to meet some memorable kilted characters along the way. Alba gu bràth! 

Kill or Be Kilt cover

Kill or Be Kilt by Victoria Roberts
Highland Spies, Book 3
ISBN: 9781402292064
Release Date: May 3, 2016
Genre: Historical Romance

About the Book

It’s been three years since Lady Elizabeth Walsingham ended her childish crush on Laird Ian Munro, the fierce Highlander who scared everyone but her. She’s a grown woman now, heading to London to find a proper English gentleman. But when the wild Highland laird walks through the door, she’s that breathless youth all over again.

Ian tries hard to avoid the young lass who’s confounded him for years. But now that they’re attending court, he must keep watch on her night and day. Danger is at every turn and advisors to the Crown are being murdered. Ian soon realizes the girl he’s been protecting is a beautiful lady who needs his help, almost as much as he needs her.

Take this quiz to find out which Highlander hero is your soulmate!

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About the AuthorVictoria Roberts

Victoria Roberts writes sexy, award-winning Scottish historical romances about kilted heroes and warriors from the past. Prior to ever picking up a single romance novel, she penned her first young adult novella at 16 years old. Who knew her leather-studded motorcycle hero would trade in his ride and emerge as a kilt-wearing Highlander wielding a broadsword? Victoria lives with her husband and their two beautiful children in western Pennsylvania.

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  1. Nancy Burgess

    Jamie Fraser was my answer to the quiz.

  2. william gossage

    This book sounds like it be a great read

  3. I look for ruggedness, sexiness and great buns.

  4. isisthe12th

    My Highland hero has to be strong, masculine and funny ♡ Thank you

  5. I snagged a review copy of this one. I LOVED IT. @aubreywynneauthor this is the book that had me speaking like a Scot for a few days.

  6. Kai W.

    What I look for in a Highlander is physique. All that muscle so tone. *Sigh*

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