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Hi everyone my name is Aubrey Wynne and I am one of over 100 authors/bloggers/ on the Little Things Blog Hop! For those of you don’t me, I am an historical romance author and you can find me and my books on all major retailers. Browse my site and see what tickles your fancy. 

So what are the little things in your life that rate at the top of your list? For me it’s music and books. Let me share! On my visit to Ireland last summer, I met some local artists in Ennis, Co. Clare that made my trip. Meet Pat O’Connor of the Custy’s Traditional Music Shop (also a musician) and two more local artists that made us feel at home and welcome. 

me, Tom O'Connel & Cyril O'Donoghue.jpg

The lovely chap in the middle is Cyril O’Donaghue who not only signed his CD but invited us to a pub session a few blocks away. It was our first introduction to a real local gathering, and it was everything I ever imagined. Click on the photo above, and check out the authentic Irish music at Pat’s shop, including his own instrumental collaboration. Or stop by Cyril’s Facebook page by clicking his name above.

Here is the CD I have been listening to for St. Patrick’s Day. Click on the image and watch both Blackey O’Connell and Cyril creating some lovely music together! Or visit Blackey’s Facebook page by clicking on his name. 

Friars Green .jpg

My other little thing I couldn’t live without is a good book. I write, I edit, and I read. But lately, my love of a good story has been renewed by audiobooks. There is something about a great plot partnered with a strong narrator that makes a story come to life. My latest fascination has been the combination of Laura Kinsale’s extraordinary prose combined with the voice of Nicholas Boulton. I am on my third book with this team and enthralled. Listen for yourself by clicking the cover below!


My question to you: Which of my little things appeals to you the most? Music or the written word? A random commenter will win a $5 Amazon gift card. But first, follow my blog by email (it’s just a quick entry on the sidebar near the top.)

Right now, I’m offering over $100 in my Everybody Wins Giveaway as I boost my newsletter recipients. Then click the image below to see all the prizes being offered. And remember to enjoy the little things in life!    


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  1. amartinez87

    Follow and written word 🙂

  2. Devine Warnes PA

    the written word!!!! and my morning thank you for being a part of the hop and thank you for the chance!!!!!!!

  3. Renate

    I prefer books over music. Love to read in nature and hear the music of chirping sea gulls and the waves rolling on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. With children’s joyful voices as they play on the Whirlpool Compass Fountain, while my mouth waters smelling the scrumptious Silver Beach Pizza. That is the music to my ears.

  4. Oh, now you have me wishing my life away and longing for summer to be here yesterday!

  5. bn100


  6. I have to admit they are 2 of my favorite things. It just depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Sometimes it has to be music and other times it has to be books! Love them!

    • So true, it does depend on when and where! Thanks for the visit!

  7. Jennifer mckinney

    Thanks for the giveaway written word is must important to me

  8. Kristina O

    Thank you for joining the Blog Hop! I am so glad I came across your site. I can’t choose, so I’ll go with music while I’m working and written word all other times! LOL. Have a great day!

    • That’s a great idea. One for work and the other for rest!

  9. I love the written word. It’s an escape from real life and sometimes it’s nice to just get away into another story.

  10. The written word..I’d be lost without my books

  11. Thank you for participating in this hop

  12. Sharon Walker

    Written word and music, both.

  13. That’s a hard one! Probably reading. Thankso for being on the hop!

  14. Followed. I like music and the written word equally. Impossible to choose!

  15. music

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