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Enter my rafflecopter and win a $10 Amazon gift card or Pay Pal bucks or a PRE-Release digital copy of 19 Ivy Lane, the first in my  Vintage Romance series.  It will be released first in the Valentine Pets and Kisses boxset February 2. 


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What kind of books do you like to read? Are you hooked on one genre or do you read across several? While my first love is historical romance, any well-written love story can hold my attention. Recently, I’ve been hooked on the 1940s and 50s. The music, dancing, clothes, classic movies… I swear I was born in the wrong decade. Enjoy the excerpt and don’t forget to check out the other talented and fun authors with another chance to win more great prizes.

Ivy Lane cover Large copy

Eloise Kolby steps off the bus and greets 1950’s Hollywood with high expectations and a smile. After two years of rejection and no big break, her boyfriend’s big surprise is a new project, on location in Italy—not a proposal. He convinces her to investigate a house he recently inherited in a small desert town and promises to send word about their future.

Postman Victor Burnham has waited to buy the property on Ivy Lane for over five years. From the moment the beautiful, mysterious woman from LA moves into “his house”, he can’t stop thinking about her. Their daily rendezvous at the mailbox have tongues wagging and Victor longing for not only his dream house but someone to share it with.

But when Eloise’s long-awaited letter arrives, it may stamp his heart with “Return to Sender.”


Four hours later, she bent over her knees, panting like she just ran across the entire MGM studio. She hoped that man really did have her heart because the one in her chest felt like it would explode.

“A bit out of shape, eh?”

She looked up to see Rita Hayworth’s twin grinning down at her. The burnished, copper hair and teasing, blue eyes did not help her mood. How could someone look like that after an afternoon of such torture?

“It’s my first time out on a dance set. I’ll be fine.” With forced energy, she pushed off her knees and straightened to her full height. “But tell me we are done for today.”

With a husky laugh, she agreed. “Yes, ma’am. Officially off duty!”

Who’s hungry?” called a voice from the group of girls. A jumbled chorus of “me” and “I am” echoed over the now quiet set. Eloise searched the lot for Ross.

If you’re waiting for Wilson, don’t. He’s as popular as soda at a fountain and everyone wants a drink of him.” The redhead put an arm around her shoulder and gave a squeeze. “C’mon out with us, honey. My treat. You look like you need a good meal without owing some Romeo for it.”

“But Ross said he’d pick me up—”

“I bet he did. Do you believe everything people tell you?” She put a hand on her hip and took a pose like her mother used to when she’d done something foolish. “This is the movie business, sweetie. Don’t go flipping your wig over every sweet-talking man you meet. They’re like ants at a picnic.”


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  1. thank you for posting

  2. I love your hops!

  3. I enjoy reading mysteries.

  4. Joye

    I like these kinds of hops since it introduces me to a lot of authors I have yet to read.

  5. I enjoy reading pretty much any type of books but my favorite are YA dystopian and New Adult Romances

    Email: Josy15love@gmail.com

    • I’ve read a couple NA books this year that surprised me! Thanks for stopping by.

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