But is it love? The low down on these first kisses

Woohoo. Shehanne included me in this fine collection of steamy, first kisses. Ladies, enjoy!

shehanne moore


All right, so it’s that day. You know the one we either love, hate or dread, depending on how we’re placed.


Oh, all right, just teasing….conv

But love it, loathe it, whatever it, we can’t ignore it any more than we can that first kiss. So what I’m doing today is asking along a very special group of romance authors from various kinds of romance, to answer some tres simple questions to do with first character kisses in their chosen work. let’s face it, ut is so-oh easy to write romance…NOT.

… Let’s just see how these answers all differ shall we? As well read a few hawt kiss extracts!  Kicking off with the lovely Antonia Van Zandt….Happy Valentine’s day to you all by the way,


Why did you choose Vienna Valentine?

This novella actually ends on Valentine’s Day but the events leading up to it start during a blazing hot June…

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  1. Congrats, Aubrey!!

  2. Thanks, Susan. I was happy to be included in such a fun and talented bunch of gals.

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