Highlanders, Weddings and Moore! – Featured author, Shehanne Moore – via ReneaMason.com

I adore a good Highland romance. Shehanne Moore reminds me why. I’d like to share Renea Mason’s interview with her from the Coffee Talk website.



  1. Aubrey, how very kind of you to reblog. I got such a surprise there when it dropped into my inbox I thought I better get over and thank you. xxxxxxxx

  2. You are very welcome. And thank you for bringing me back to one of my favorite eras in historical romance.

    • Aubrey that is so nice. And it is very much appreciated that you did this. Hope all your own writing is going well

  3. Aubrey
    Certainly an interesting post. Always nice seeing someone’s book being published and I do enjoy Scotts poems.

  4. Thank you Susan. Of course not all Scottish brides are quite so…..deranged!

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