Midwest Writers Workshop: Coming Soon

Yes, it’s almost here and my stomach is in knots. For all you Midwesterners, this is the best writing conference for the money. July 25-27, agents from Laura Bradford Agency, Greenhouse Literary, MacGregor Literary,Fine Print Literary Management and Gelfman Shneider Literary Agency will be available for consultations. Editors from Virginia Quarterly Review and Pank will be speaking along with some prominent authors.

As a virgin participant last time, I will now be able to attend without my mouth hanging open. I could not bring myself to approach a single agent. It can be overwhelming deciding what you want to see or do versus what you need  to see or do.

Part 1 of the conference includes intensive sessions with only twenty people in a class. That is some awesome small group attention. I really improved my novelette with the Manuscript Evaluation last year. This year I’m moving on to the agents. Yes, agents.

I had originally planned to sell my four musketeers historical romance, Magnificent Valor, at the three-minute pitch. But it turns out there is not one agent attending looking for that specific genre. It seems YA, MG, literary and women’s fiction, paranormal/fantasy or crime are the picks for the weekend. Aaagh! What to do now? The teacher in me always has a Plan B.

So I pulled out a dusty WIP that reinvents an old fairy tale, The Sandman. I now have a pitch with Sherman Brooke and a ten minute query critique with John Cusick. I think both sessions will be a great experience. Pitch my story in three minutes? My fear is I will either freeze or talk so fast Mr. Brooke won’t hear a word! And I pray I have time to look Mr. Cusick in the eye in between my furious note-taking.

Next week, my post will include the highlights of the MWW. Cross your fingers for me! This may be my chance to join my published Coffee Talk friends.






  1. Good luck.


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